2019 Class Information

Basic Format Class

Watch for announcements soon about upcoming dates and times!

Cost: $695

Martha will be teaching an online basic format class to students who want to learn her amazing healing methodology.

This class will introduce you to how energetic healings take place in this method. You will be emailed a basic format sheet that you will be used in many other classes should you decide to study further with Martha.

In all honesty, this is a hard class. You will be stretched in this class and, make no mistake about it, you will not be an adept at format when you finish. This is just as it should be as this class is an introduction to your gifts and how to apply them in a very specific way. Through the years, students of ours have struggled with this class and mastered it in a few months, but it does take those few months of commitment and practice.

There will be support classes to follow if this is the course of study you choose, all taught by Martha. She likes to know her students and watch their progress as the facilitator/healers in her organization come out of these classes.

There is one prerequisite for these classes. You must be willing to work with one of Martha's facilitator/healers starting two weeks before the class begins and for the duration of the class. Of course, we hope you'll go on with your facilitator/healer after the class is over but this will be your choice. Count, in addition to the $695 cost of the class, another $150 a week for a full two hour session with one of the accredited facilitators/healers.

Advanced Class

Cost: $725 (Cost of auditing this class is $625)

Watch for announcements soon about upcoming dates and times!

This is a broadcast class. You may take it online or in person.

The emphasis of this class is on the deeply psychological wiring of the ego and the egoic child's mind. We analyze, facilitate healing, uncover deeply buried, convoluted beliefs that limit us and help each other grow, change and become authentic as the spiritual beings in physical form we are. This class teaches and inspires and the vastness of The Burgess Process and the varied techniques and powerful processes are revealed in this class. We say "over time" because we have a mass of material to cover, there's no way it can begin to be covered in one class, and this is why this is an on-going class for the serious student of consciousness. Each quarter we pick up where we left off and each quarter we go deeper into more esoteric, applicable study.

It is possible for eager format students to audit this class. Be advised, however, this is a class we recommend you work up to through the other class offerings and your private sessions.