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There will be no show this week, April 14, 2019. Please listen to Martha's archived shows on Blog Talk Radio, Facebook Live, and YouTube. Martha will be back for a live show on 4/21/19.
Sunday, 4/19 at 10AM east coast time.

Magical thinking is quite insidious because we don't always know we're using it. It's often a subconscious habit. But it keeps us from discernment, it keeps us from seeing the reality of a situation, and it must be challenged if we are to create happy lives. Indeed, it gets in the way of the life we want. Martha will tell you all about it in this show -- and she'll offer you tips on how to challenge magical thinking and transcend it.

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There are all sorts of information and consciousness tools on this site (CDs, DVDs, books, and a fabulous app for iPhones that is only .99 and extremely fun to use).

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