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Blog Talk Radio and Facebook Live Weekly Show

  • 03/28/21 and 04/04/21

    Martha will be taking the next two weeks off.

  • Martha's shows are broadcast on Blog Talk Radio and Facebook Live. All her past shows are archived on these channels and on YouTube.Thank you for spreading the word about these great shows. We appreciate your telling people about us through social media and word of mouth. Sure does mean a lot to us and bless you for it.
    Stay well out there!

All Martha's shows are archived on Blog Talk Radio, Facebook Live and YouTube so do please check out past shows. We also encourage you to form study groups around these shows to support your journey. Thank you so much for following Martha, befriending her (Martha Novak on FB), sharing these shows, and liking them. Your kindness in taking time to do these things increases our number of listeners and helps get the word around. We appreciate it! There are all sorts of information and consciousness tools on this site (CDs, DVDs, books, and a fabulous app for iPhones that is only .99 and extremely fun to use).